the band
Micro bios!

George Hatcher



The founder and voice of the band, George Hatcher has been entertaining fans all over the world for over 30 years. After all those years his powerful, soulful vocals still deliver. After 6 albums, what's next? Possible box set of all the past material, a new live album and new studio album are all under consideration.

Hap Gross



Originally from Tampa, Florida. Began playing bass guitar at an early age and played for several bands in the Tampa area before moving to Charlotte in 1979. Played for Mainline from 1981 to 1985. Joined the George Hatcher Band in 1985.

John Hartley



John Hartley - AKA Adolph, AKA Meathead;
Wanted in Several States. He can't remember what for, but I digress.

Charlotte Native (WTF?!). Veteran of many Charlotte-area bands including even, Do Tell! The GHB!

Old school Rock, Heavy Grunge, Funk. You want trouble, you got it.

John spends his free time thinking of ways to piss George off, just to make sure he's paying attention!"

Ralph Oleski



Ralph started playing guitar at the age of 16 after discovering that the saxophone he had been learning since 4th grade wasn't cool enough.

The music was an immediate draw to join the George Hatcher Band - challenging, yet a lot of fun to play. He's truly honored to be playing with this group of talented musicians.

When Ralph is not working hard for the band, he runs Guitar Lessons To Go, teaching guitar to Charlotte area adults and kids.


MIKE BEAN - Guitar

Originally from Greenville, S.C., Mike has been an avid guitarist for 25+ years. Now residing in Lake Wylie, S.C., Mike has become one of the most renowned six stringers in the Queen City Area. Mike has performed in several local bands in the past: Hollister, 90 Proof, The Wax Gurus, and KINGPIN.

Mike was with The George Hatcher Band back in the early 90’s and brings his polished riffs back to GHB!!

Mike, through the day, is a supplier of medical equipment.



Terry was born, raised and still lives in the Spartanburg SC area. He’s a self taught musician who learned his chops from listening to artists on the original Capricorn Records label (70’s Southern rock) and played with several jam bands over the years. Terry is an outdoorsman and NASCAR fan. Be sure to wave as he goes past you driving his UPS big rig up and down I-85 in the evening! (George made him wear black for the picture!)


To a Latin Percussionist/Drummer "everything" makes music....from coffee cans to 5 gallon water jugs.

As a teenager in Guatemala, I quickly found interest in the snare drum and later uncovered my talent for the drum kit.

After relocating to the US in 1973, I have played with numerous bands from Latin to American Rock and everything in between.

Bands include, but not limited to, are Ritmos Latino, Combo Latinos, Under Construction, Just Us, Orquesta Mayor, Trabucos, Orquesta Canon, Fuego Lento, The Breeze, The Innovators, Peralta, Da Throwback Band, Calvin and Friends, Swill, The Voltage Brothers, Bullit proof and having the privilege to play again with George Hatcher as his Percussionist.
DAVID MILLER - Keyboards